Inner Child Healing Journey

Singing for Self Love

A 4-session program with bonus mantra that you do at your own pace in the comfort of your own home.
Through guided visualisations you can nurture a loving connection with your inner child, you become the loving parent or companion that your inner child needs. You will use your voice to sing to your inner child, in order to give him or her what they did not receive before. Through the practice of Authentic Singing, you will also give a voice to your inner child, to express what they could not before.
Powerful music is woven throughout the program to carry you, to hold a safe space and to help you and your inner child open up to deep feelings and emotions. Mantra singing is used to anchor renewed states of love, connection, freedom and joy.

Do you want more joy, freedom and creativity in your life?

Why healing your inner child is one of THE most important things you will ever do!

Why inner child healing?

There is probably not a single one of our negative beliefs, fears and conditionings that didn’t somehow originate in our childhood. Almost every individual session we do, or during every workshop and retreat, there is a moment when we bring the attention to the inner child. As it holds the core of our deepest conditionings, our inner child also holds the greatest liberation potential!

There once was a Songdance client with various complex health issues. We went looking into her childhood, and we could very easily connect the dots. Her body and mind were giving expression of and bringing her attention to childhood trauma. Through Authentic Singing, she was able to change her relationship with some of her most core memories. Memories that were haunting her, that were steering her life, her decisions, her feelings. Afterwards, she felt relieved, as well as an immense joy and flow of energy. Slowly her health started to improve and her whole system adapted to its new, more liberated reality.

When we do this kind of work, we basically engage in inner child healing work. So what is the inner child? It mostly is one of two things, or a combination of both...

         It can be a symbol of hope 
For many people their inner child is representative of a more free and playful state of being. A child is considered infinitely creative, innocent, speaking its mind, singing and dancing freely. Every human is in fact this in nature. But many of us lose these qualities along the way. The inner child is a reminder, a beacon of hope to reintegrate these very qualities.

         It can be a symbol of trauma energy 
For some people the inner child is carrying traumatic childhood memories. This child is feeling hurt, not seen or loved, scared and alone. He or she is waiting for you to connect with them, slowly, slowly… This child is carrying your deepest pains so that you can attend to them, resolve them and relieve the burden from the child within. You become the loving parent or companion, giving your inner child a return to freedom and the unconditional love it truly deserves. And in doing so, you are giving yourself a return to freedom and unconditional love. You set yourself free.

Whatever you consider your inner child to be, connecting with him or her and engaging in healing work, reintegrating your inner child with you as an adult, is probably one of the most effective and profound healing work you can ever do.

The power of Songdance...

  • We use the power of our voices as guides, as healing instruments, as revealers of truth.
  • We use the power of music as a cradle, as a warm blanket for you and your inner child, as an energetic key to open you up to unresolved emotions and feelings.
  • We use the power of visualization to connect with your inner child in a safe, gentle and truthful way.

What is Authentic Singing? 

Authentic Singing is making sound in tune with the energy of the moment. Using your voice as a tool to connect more deeply with who you really are. It is not about the ability to sing ‘right’ or 'well', it's about using your voice to sing the 'truth of the moment'.

Authentic Singing in its very nature is a form of meditation and self transformation. By producing natural and untethered vocal sounds, you gradually set yourself free as a human being. The voice lifts internal blockages, emotional baggage and even physical ailments. This in turn opens up your voice, making it flow more freely as ever.

Your inner child is patiently waiting...
Waiting for you to take you home

The Program

The sessions of the program consist of moments of Authentic Singing alternated by deep and engaging mantras. You'll receive 4 completely different sessions each with their own unique healing theme, approach and musical universe.

Each audio session is about 20 minutes in length, to be done when you want, where you want and how many times you want. You can download the sessions or stream them via this website on any device. 

Sessions come in different formats: a guided version, an instrumental version for when you no longer need guidance and a mantra. This way you always have access to exactly what you need in each moment.

The program comes with a beautiful and empowering bonus mantra 'Here With You'.

The sessions

Inner Child
Establishing connection

In this session, you will meet your inner child and nurture a loving and respectful reconnection where both your voices are welcomed and heard. You will create a space where the story of your life can be heard through your voice, allowing your body, heart and soul to communicate without judgement.

Feel The Truth Inside
Reclaim your innocence

This session is an invitation to give sound to your pain and sing words of innocence and love to you and your inner child so that you may find the courage to live life to the fullest. A soulful mantra will be sung to soothe you as you sing your truth with your inner child.

I Live My Life
Take your life in your hands again

This session is an invitation to give sound to your anger, letting go of the responsibility of your past and stepping into your sovereignty. Together, we will sing  an empowering mantra to break free from the unhealthy patterns of your past. A powerful mantra that takes you into a celebration of your life full of potential and possibilities, so that you can live a life full of joy and freedom.

Cherry Blossom Child
Sing for the Love you are

This session supports you in remembering that you, like all children on Earth, are born as Oneness, as Love. Your inner child holds the key to this truth. Be inspired by the story of the Cherry Blossom Child as she brings you back to this core truth and then sing for the love that you are.

BONUS Mantra
 'Here with You'

This is a time to honour your healing and connection with your inner child. May this beautiful mantra act as a soothing and loving lullaby to you both. May it ease your mind and usher in a sense of peace and serenity to your heart and soul. As one, as Love.

The PRO version

A special offering for professionals only. 
Are you a therapist, coach, yoga teacher, healer... then this might be for you.

The PRO licence gives you a lifelong right to use the Inner Child Healing Journey sessions and mantras within your business or other activities.

What does the Pro Licence give you?

The right to use the Inner Child Healing Journey sessions and mantras during your live classes, treatments, group sessions, meditation groups, singing circles, etc. This also includes online classes of which the recording/replay can be accessed for a maximum of 48 hours.

What does the Pro Licence not allow?

Using the Inner Child Healing Journey sessions and mantras during online classes, recordings or live streams that remain accessible for longer than 48 hours.
Using the music in any type of public broadcast, stream, podcast, film or ad is also not allowed even if the stream goes offline within 48 hours.

Take the journey

Inner Child
Healing Journey

  • 4 powerful and rich healing sessions with moments of Authentic Singing and mantras
  • Bonus mantra 'Here With You'
  • Lifetime access
  • Email support and optional 1:1 coaching support

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Inner Child
Healing Journey

  • 4 powerful and rich healing sessions with moments of Authentic Singing and mantras
  • Bonus mantra 'Here With You'
  • Lifetime access 
  • Email support and optional 1:1 coaching support
  • Pro licence: rights to the sessions and mantras for professional use

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it wise to do this program on my own? Is there support?

This program brings healing on a very deep level. This is why we offer optional 1:1 coaching support for all our active course participants. We make our coaching offering as affordable as possible, currently only €45 / $65 for 45 minutes. 

In case you are dealing with very heavy childhood trauma, please consult your therapist before engaging with this program. In case of any doubt, please write to us at

Can I get an invoice?

Yes, it will be sent to you automatically with your purchase. You also have the option to add your business information and a TVA number (if applicable). 

Do I need special speakers?

We discourage listening to the sessions with headphones, since you can’t hear your own voice sufficiently. We recommend you play the sessions on a Bluetooth speaker of decent quality, your home stereo, or for example the speakers in your car.

Can I buy the PRO version later?

No, this needs to happen during the initial checkout.